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Flagship Harbor Advisors, Plymouth, MA

This site represents the Plymouth Office of Flagship Harbor Advisors. For the Boston Office, please click here.

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Welcome to Flagship Harbor Advisors, Plymouth, MA

Cli*ent.. "Someone under the care of another."

As fiduciary, fee based, Independent advisors we operate in an environment free of conflicts of interest. That freedom allows us to plan for our clients financial lives, keeping your best interests in mind and ensuring that our advice, recommendations and strategies are in line with your goals and risk tolerance. We also work with other members of your financial team. Your Accountants and Attorneys have a deep grasp on tax, wealth transfer, medicare planning and legal needs. To make sure our plan integrates with your overall financial strategies, these other professionals are integral partners of ours.

Included on this website is a wealth of information and education in the form of newsletters, articles, videos, research reports, calculators and flip chart presentations. We hope this information will help you gain a better understanding of the financial concepts behind insurance, investing, retirement, estate planning and weath preservation.  Our goal for this website is to help you understand the opportuities and potential benefits that are avaiable when you take a proactive approach to your personal financial situation.